InspireCT - Inspiring Student Interest in Computational Thinking

InspireCT is exploring vertically integrated students teams to improve student learning and raise student interest in computing. We are leveraging the excitement of computing capstone design courses to attract more students to computing. The target audience includes less advanced computing students, students in other majors, and pre-college students who might choose to study computing.

Peer example and mentoring by advanced students provides motivation to inspire interest in computational thinking. Beginning students also get much earlier exposure to larger, more complex computing projects. The advanced students get a chance to practice communication, coordination, and leadership skills. We believe these experiences will improve student learning.

InspireCT started in the fall of 2009, and the first round of educational activities was conducted in spring term 2010. The initial activities focusd on interaction between advanced undergraduate computing majors and undergraduates in earlier years of study. In fall of 2010, these activities will expand to include pre-college students in grades 6-12.

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